Hoof-protect toe protection

As many more horses are now being schooled in all weather manèges it is apparent that the abrasive nature of these surfaces is becoming a major problem for hooves. The result is often excessive wear to the front quarters of the hoof wall causing the horn to become concave and thin.

Apart from the adverse visual appearance of a worn hoof wall, the hoof capsule is considerably weakened and can be a problem for the farrier when placing nails. Left unchecked, sensitive tissue can also be exposed. This tends to be a particular problem where novice riders are being schooled, but we have also seen top dressage horses with this type of hoof wear. This product from Mustad will therefore be of interest to all riders who regularly exercise in sand schools.

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HOOF PRO TECT consists of 4 crescent shaped pieces of a thin, but tough, polyurethane plastic that are glued to the hoof wall with special fast acting cyanoacrylate glue supplied with the product. Once in place, the material becomes virtually transparent and completely stops hoof wall abrasion. It can be nailed through and is trimmed off with the horn as it grows down.