This cyanoacrylic glue has been specially formulated for our glue-on products taking into consideration the polyurethane tabs and the horn of the hoof.
It will set in a few seconds in normal conditions. When the temperature gets cold it is advisable to keep the glue tube in a warm place (pocket) for a while before use. If the weather is very dry you can moisten the hoof (not the tabs) using a clean wet cotton cloth and let the hoof absorb the humidity before gluing.

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Name per box Carton
Mustad Glu 1 tube 3g 1 1
Mustad Glu 10 tubes 3g 1 1


Directions :
- Clean surfaces to be glued.
- Apply very little glue to the tabs (not the hoof).
- Hold parts together until set.

For longer shelf life keep the glue in the refrigerator.